Hostal El RinTinTin Trinidad is located very close to the main tourist attractions that abound in this area.

The RinTinTin Hostel is located 30 m from the Casa de la Música, 100 m from the Plaza Mayor and the main tourist attractions that abound in this area. On the ground floor of the house there are one of the main restaurants in the city and on the terrace you can enjoy the gastronomic offers and live music offered by artistic groups of the town. This hostel is recommended for young people who wish to enjoy and participate in the activities offered in the restaurant and terraces, as well as the nearby nightclubs, not for people who wish to rest. 2 air-conditioned rooms are rented with their private interior bathroom each. There is paid Wi-Fi service inside the house and terraces. The house landline can be used free of charge to make local calls and to contact the next destination.

Note: This accommodation is not recommended for people who want to rest because there is a very busy restaurant in the city in the house. Children under 5 years old are not allowed.